STX-500-20 AF-O Steam Open Spoke Wheel Cup Set

Description This wheel cup set is designed for the installation of Model Engineering Works (MEW) American Flyer O Gauge AO1061 Open Spoke Steam Wheels(1681, etc.) replacement wheels . Includes the upper and lower cups. This set is designed for these wheels specifically. Original prewar American Flyer wheels are prone to swelling and cracking. Due to the issue they are irregular in size and shape and ultimately require replacement. These tools are precision made in CNC equipment and then heat treated for maximum strength and durability. Wheels cups provide two primary functions. First, when used in the STX system, they hold both wheels in perfect parallel position to one another. When wheels are installed using this system, they will be in perfect alignment and will not wobble as they rotate. Also, wheels cups designed for steam wheels are engineered to precisely "quarter" the wheels.