Our Mission

To provide hobby enthusiasts with the parts, tools, and information needed to complete any project in a helpful, informative, fun atmosphere.

Our Story

TTRP was founded in 2003 as a collaboration between two friends, Gordon Hinkle and Vic Panza. Prior to TTRP, Vic and Gordon had marketed a rivet and wheel press system under the Hampton Hobby Products name. Both partners have enjoyed repairing and restoring antique toy trains and have extensive experience in all aspects of this work.

In 2012, the company was passed onto Karen Craig, who combined her hobby-making passion with her extensive experience in manufacturing. Making most of the tools provided here from her family owned manufacturing business, Precision Metal Crafters, Karen has taken TTRP & More to the next level. In addition to toy trains and restoration, TTRP & More now provides parts, tools, and tutorials for leatherworking, automobile and general crafting purposes.

TTRP & More doesn't directly sell their parts or tools themselves. They'll usher you to the most reliable partners who do.

Happy Hobbying!